Solar Mounting System

Xiamen Sendsheen Sun Energy Technology Co., Ltd



     Located in Xiamen, China, Xiamen SendSheen Sun Energy Technology Co., Ltd ("Sendsheen") is a high-tech enterprises engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing, focusing on the development and appliance of solar mounting system, solar mounting accessories, solar power system and other clean energy products.


     Years of experience in the photovoltaic industry as well as strong research and development capabilities and fast, high-quality manufacturing capabilities enable us to respond to any rapid needs of our customers. In line with the concept of "integrity first, people-oriented, talent as the core competitiveness", attaches importance to the career planning and personal development of employees, has a strong corporate cohesion, has initially built a global marketing and promotion, with rich experience in photovoltaic mounting structure design, research and development capabilities and fast high-quality manufacturing capabilities, committed to becoming a one-stop new energy manufacturers, partners, To provide customers with stable, convenient, cost-effective photovoltaic system mounting structure series solutions.


     With the development of society, the increasing demand for energy, the depletion of traditional energy and the deterioration of climate environment seriously affect and restrict the sustainable development of social economy. SendSheen is committed to the continuous innovation of photovoltaic products, and is determined to continuously transform the most abundant solar energy of nature into the cleanest, best quality and most sustainable new energy. SendSheen is willing to work with you to make progress together, develop together, create a better future for us and customers, and put on a layer of "new energy coat" for the earth. 





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